Concept  ACF Fiorentina stadium | Firenze


Concept ACF Fiorentina stadium | Firenze

The area, located in the District 5 – Novoli, covers a total area of ​about 60 hectares and represents the gateway to the city. The Masterplan foresees the burial of Viale Guidoni through a tunnel that has its entrance where the railway rises and its exit in front of the Palace of Justice. By remodeling the area’s road layout, this has been made entirely pedestrian so that it can be lived at its best by the citizens and constitute a sort of island within the frenetic intercommunal traffic. The stadium, called the Sasso due to its particular shape, refers to an organic entity.The structure is characterized by a curved surface and a rhomboid design consisting of a metal mesh of different colors: purple, white and red, the team’s social colors. With 40,000 seats, the stadium develops in a perimeter of about 600 meters with a height ranging from 30 to 40 meters. The structure has 16 entrances, each with 2 panoramic staircases and elevators. The project includes a double volume shopping gallery and a restaurant with a panoramic terrace, a bar and lounge. In the center of the ring, above the restaurant, we find an area dedicated to authority and honor forums, 10 skyboxes of about 16 square meters each and four meeting rooms equipped for eventual market or management summits. Below the stadium there are a series of services including: changing rooms for stewards including swimming pool, heating area and wellness center, a large hospitality area from which it is possible to access the press room, the skybox areas, authorities and local forums service.


Arch. Andrea Pierattelli


Arch. Daniele Canuti

Arch. Salvatore Spataro

Arch. Claudio Pierattelli









600.000 mq




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